Cyclops 390L - In Furnace Application–2
Unique Features of Cyclops 390L range of thermometers

The unique features of the Cyclops 390L portable non-contact pyrometer make it the ideal instrument for accurate non contact temperature measurements in hydrocarbon-fuelled furnaces. Operating at a 3.9µm (a transmissive waveband), for hot targets, water vapour and CO2 are invisible. Reformer Tubes are very expensive, periodic refractory checks can identify potential failure.

Where measurement errors due to hotter background are a problem, errors can be minimised using the Cyclops 390L FurnacePro. The measured temperature is displayed in four simultaneous modes: continuous, peak, mean and valley, with user selected mode for the viewfinder display. Accurate sighting is ensured by the clear TTL optics. Focusing is variable from 1m to infinity. Emissivity compensation is provided via the icon-based menu system. The operating waveband has been carefully chosen to minimise errors due to uncertainty in emissivity and the effects of atmospheric vapour components.

The Cyclops 390L features standarduser-friendly “Bluetooth®” wireless communications or a USB connection for PCs or tablets