Kami INOR adalah yang pertama memperkenalkan head-mounted temperature transmitter pada tahun 1974. Sejaknya, pengalaman INOR telah diperluas di bidang manufaktur, pengolahan dan mesin material, serta desain dan proses koneksi industri perakitan suhu. 2006 perusahaan Jerman KROHNE flow dan level measuring instrument mengakusisi INOR, dan dengan menggabungkan kedua nama nama merek yang kuat INOR diakomodasi. Terletak di Malmö, Swedia, INOR saat ini salah satu produsen temperature transmitter terkemuka di dunia.

INOR memiliki sejarah kerja panjang untuk jaminan kualitas. Kami mulai bekerja pada sebuah sistem jaminan kualitas bersertifikat pada tahun 1993. Alasan untuk peresmian sistem mutu adalah untuk memenuhi persyaratan dari SS-EN ISO 9001, yaitu untuk memastikan bahwa semua fungsi yang terlibat dalam standar yang ada



Temperature Transmitter
Temperature Transmitter Image


Analog Adjustable 2-wire Transmitters

APAQ-H is a family of multirange 2-wire temperature transmitters for Pt100 or Thermocouple input. Designed for highest reliability and excellent industrial performance. The ”low profile” housing is extremely durable and facilitates easy connections and adjustments.

  • Rangeable with solderpads and potentiometers
  • Temperature linear output for Pt100 (APAQ-HRF/-HRFX)
  • mV linear output for T/C (APAQ-HCF/-HCFX)
  • Consistent sensor break function
  • Easy wiring, large center hole
  • Moulded electronics for high protection

Technical Specification

Type Head-mounted
Input RTD; Thermocouple
Input RTD Pt100
Input Thermocouple Type J, L, T, K, N
Type Of Transmitter Analog
Output 4-20 mA
Isolation Unisolated
Measuring channels 1 channel
Input connections 3-wire connection
Power supply APAQ-HRF/-HCF: 6.5 to 32 VDC; APAQ-HRFX/-HCFX: 8.5 to 30 VDC
Approvals ATEX; CSA; FM
Typical accuracy RTD: ±0.15% of span;
T/C: ±0.5% to ± 1.0% of span
Quick delivery Yes
Isolators & Isolation Transmitters
Isolators & Isolation Transmitters Image


1-channel Loop Powered Isolators for 0(4)-20 mA Signals with High Isolation and Protective Separation

IsoPAQ-21L is a 1-channel loop powered isolator used for electrical isolation of 0(4)-20 mA signals to avoid measurement errors due to different voltage potentials or ground loops in an instrument installation.

The isolator need no power supply, which contributes to reduced installation costs compared to isolation transmitters. The high isolation level of 4 kV provides an effective protection for downstream devices.

The high reliability and the Protective Separation are additional features that ensure a safe system operation.

  • Input to output galvanic isolation
  • No power supply required
  • Low voltage drop
  • Protective Separation acc. to EN 61140
  • High accuracy
  • High-density DIN-rail mounting
  • Plug-in screw terminals

Technical Specification

Type of input Passive
No. of channels 1 channel
Input signal 0(4)…20 mA
Output signal 0(4)…20 mA
Typical accuracy 0,1 % FS
Isolation level 4 kV, 50 Hz
Working voltage 600 VAC/DC
Power supply No
Protective separation Yes
Response time < 5 ms
Ambient temperature 20…+70 °C
Plug-in screw terminals Yes
Housing width 12,5 mm
Installation depth 104 mm
Field Housing & Indicators
Field Housing & Indicators Image


Robust field housing for Heavy-duty applications

H30 is a robust field housing in aluminum or stainless steel designed for tough environments. The field housing is available both with and without digital LCD indicator for installation directly in a 4-20 mA loop without need for external power. The LCD indicator is equipped with high-contrast, easy-to-read LCD digits with backlight. The scale is easily programmable, without reference signal, by two push buttons for any values between – 1999 and 9999.

  • Can be used with any DIN B transmitter or only as a display
  • 5 V voltage drop
  • High-contrast and backlit, 4-digits LCD-display
  • Labels for different units of measure are included
  • Typical accuracy of 0.05 % allows for high precision read-outs
  • HART-transparent
  • Operating temperature between -25 to +70 °C / -4 to +158 °F
  • Robust IP68 housing
  • 90° indexing of display orientation

Technical Specification

Type of Display LCD
Input current 4-20 mA
Maximum current 30 mA
Min. current for operation ~3,5 mA
Voltage drop ~5 V
Indication range -1999 till 9999
Digit height 8,89 mm
Protection class Up to IP68
Typical accuracy 0,05 % FS ±1 digit
Ambient temperature -20 to+70 °C
Material Aluminum or stainless steel
Dimensions 109 x 125 x 105 mm
Alarm Units & Power Supply
Alarm Units & Power Supply Image


Alarm Unit with Pt100 Input and Double Relay Outputs

SR335 is designed for industrial temperature monitoring with Pt100 sensors in 2- or 3-wire connection.
Two output relays with individually adjustable trip functions are available.
LED’s in the front indicate alarm state and correct power supply.

  • Input from Pt100 sensors in 2- or 3-wire connection
  • Selectable, pre-calibrated temperature ranges
  • Two relay outputs with independent switch functions
  • Monostable relays for safe tripping at power failure
  • SPDT relays with 6 A switch capacity
  • High configuration flexibility with DIP switches
  • Trip levels and hysteresis adjustable from the front
  • Three front LED’s for trip indication and power supply monitoring
  • 4 kV isolation between input, output and power supply
  • Protective Separation acc. to EN 50178
  • Universal 24 V AC and DC power supply
  • DIN-rail mounting

Technical Specification

Sensor Pt100, Pt200, Pt500 and Pt1000 (switch selectable)
Measuring range Zero: -100 / -50 / 0 / +50 °C (switch selectable) Span: 100 / 200 / 300 / 400°C (switch selectable)
Sensor connection 2-wire and 3-wire (switch selectable)
Output, Relay 1 & 2
Relay contacts 1-pole switch over contact (SPDT)
Contact rating 250 VAC/DC, 6 A, 1 500 VA
Relay function Monostable, Normally active or passive (switch selectable)
Alarm functions, relay 1 High/Low alarm (switch selectable)
Alarm functions, relay 2 High/Low alarm or Power failure alarm (switch selectable)
Alarm indication Alarm state indicated by yellow LED
Response time Ca. 20 ms (fixed)
Operation temperature -20 to +60 °C / -4 to +140 °F
Galvanic isolation
Input / power supply / relay outputs 4 kVAC, 1 min
Relay 1 / Relay 2 2,5 kVAC, 1 min
Power supply
Voltage 24 VAC/DC ±15 %, 48 to 62 Hz (AC supply)
Power consumption  AC: ca. 2 VA, DC: ca. 1 W
Typical accuracy Trip point: ±0.2 % of span
Mounting Rail acc. to DIN EN 50022, 35 mm
Temperature Sensors
Temperature Sensors Image


Hygienic compact sensor with flange DN25/38 ISO 2852 clamp connection

For measuring the temperature of gases, liquids and vapour from -50 °C to +200 °C.Especially suited for industrial applications with hygienic requirements and limited space.

The compact sensor is made of stainless steel 1.4404 / 316L and has a surface
fineness of Ra Á 0.8 ¿m for the wetted parts. It is connected to the process by using
a ISO 2852 Clamp DN25/38. The sensor elemtent is a Pt100 RTD Thin film according to DIN EN 60751. The compact sensor electrical connection is made via a M12 connector.

The sensor is available with a built-in transmitter.

Technical specification

Measuring element Pt100
Process temperature -50…+200°C
Process connection Flange
Thermowell Welded
Material 1.4404 / 316L
Diameter 6 mm
Shape of thermowell Straight
Protection class IP67